BlogPaws 2014 Kicks Off (and Kicks Arse) in Lake Las Vegas!

It’s offficially here – theeee best pet blogging and social media conference in the whole world, BlogPaws.

Lake LVWith a variety of attendees, both veteran blogging mavens and newbie social media mavericks; an assortment of awesome keynote speakers, including HABRI (Human Animal Bond Research Initiative); a plethora of pets (including a Capybara and Jack the Pom {pictured in sunglasses); plus a hot desert setting in Lake Las Vegas, things really couldn’t get any more enticing…

Session topics range from WordPress Tips and Tricks to SEO for Beginners to Monetization to Copyright Rules/Legal Issues we face as bloggers to Building a Business out of your Blog.

You really can’t go wrong here folks. I’m talkin’ about some serious learning and some equally intense networking opportunities — both with other pet bloggers and with fantastic sponsors like Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Weruva, PetSmart Charities, BISSELL and Petfinder. WHOA Nelly!

Jack the Pom stylin' in his personalized sunglasses! Only at BlogPaws...!

Jack the Pom stylin’ in his personalized sunglasses! Only at BlogPaws…!

As a six-conference veteran I can tell you honestly that the Founders of BlogPaws do NOT mess around when putting this behemoth baby of a conference together for us. After all, BlogPaws is the ‘top dog’ of pet communities! It’s an inclusive, global community of pet enthusiasts who write about and support pets via social media, plain and  simple. But it’s so much more than that to those of use who hold it close to our hearts. It’s connecting brands with pet parents and it’s connecting pet parents with each other, 24/7/365. It means making new friends, catching up with those people you’ve only “met” on Facebook or a dog blog, getting to hang with cool sponsors and and perhaps foster a new relationship – a product review possibly…. and so much more.

We were lucky enough to hear from Eldad Hagar, one of my new heroes, yesterday. Eldad runs an extremely dedicated, reputable and small animal rescue organization in California called Hope for Paws. He has singlehandedly saved HUNDREDS of dogs from deserts, massive industrial trash heaps and more. An angel of a human being, Eldad’s stories can be seen on Facebook and YouTube. (Grab your Kleenex but please know that these stories all end happy!)

Stay tuned for more updates from BlogPaws 2014 in Lake Las Vegas, NV! And don’t forget, you can register now for BlogPaws 2015 in Nashville at!

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  1. you totally ROCKED this post my friend!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!

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    Yes! I love this post! What a great summary of BlogPaws! Thank you!

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