Unsinkable Enjoyment with Bionic® Pet Toys for Howard the Water Dog: Pet Product of the Week

Bionic® Water Dog Toys Prove to be Tough and Water-Friendly

Some dogs have a “just add water” motto when it comes to fun. If they think fetching is fun, splashing through the waves to retrieve a favorite toy is better. In order to keep up with these water loving canines, like our cousin Howard the Golden Retriever, Bionic® Pet Products has the perfect toy to accompany your pooch in any water adventure.

Pack any of the Bionic® shapes from the Bionic® Pet Product line for a guaranteed day of fun at the beach or bring it on the boat to keep Spot busy. And in case the fun goes overboard, the bold orange toy will stay afloat for a quick and easy rescue.

Made from specially engineered Bionic Rubber®, these toys are made to last. The molecules of Bionic Rubber® are cross-linked to create a flexible, bouncy and float-friendly toy that’s nearly puncture proof. Best yet, Bionic Rubber® is practical. The Bionic® toys are dishwasher safe and most dogs find it to be virtually indestructible. Fewer than 5% of dogs outsmart their Bionic Rubber® based products.

Bionic® Pet Products versatility is sure to impress even the toughest critic. Each shape is designed to pack a punch of fun wherever you and your dog may go.

Trust us. We put these things through the ringer and they still stayed intact. Howard travels back and forth from boat to boat on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico and Lake St. Clair in Michigan. So, what does it take to amaze and excite us? What does it take to make the cut?

Well, first a product must be easy and fun to use; it’s gotta be durable, and it has to be a good value. We put Bionic® Pet Products to the strictest of tests – got them dirty and slobbery and chewy and wet, all to see how good they’d hold up. Only the best of the best can withstand the abuse of a Golden Retriever-chewing-and-water-dog and they are the ones that deserve the accolades.

So here goes.

We got Howard, our water-loving dog cousin who is lucky enough to live on TWO bodies of water, (Marco Island, Florida AND Lake St. Clair in Michigan), the Bionic® Toss-N-Tug, to the left, which is available in sizes: Mini (1 – 15 lbs) and Standard (15 – 60 lbs), and has the following features: two-in-one interactive toy; “Flip” inside-out and becomes a tug toy; a design makes fun flight paths; and it’s a toy that’s not intended for tough chewing but that’s excellent for pulling.

We also got Howard the Bionic® Stuffer toy, to the right. It’s available in only standard size; has two sides for openings; it works with most stuffer kibble treats – use smaller kibble for easier treat dispensing or larger kibble for difficult treat dispensing; it occupies dogs for hours; and the coin purse stuffer hole allows for easy filling or can be used for “strip” style treats.

Howard absolutely LOVES his Bionic® Stuffer and Bionic® Toss-N-Tug toys. He loves his boat toys to DEATH. He has never had a toy that he could bring in the water before so he is infatuated with these things! The bright orange colors make them easy to see and fetch from the water for human or dog, and the materials make it fun for Howard to have a tug-fest with his father.

A good, versatile toy is a must for any doggie traveler and Howard loves his Bionic® Stuffer and Bionic® Toss-N-Tug toys. We give them four paws up and highly recommend them to any water-loving doggie.

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  1. jessica says:

    What an awesome product! Def going to try this for my water loving pitties!

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