Benson Over The Rainbow Bridge…

Please pray and send all your purrs and paws over to our family tonight as we mourn the loss of 12-year-old Benson.

Benny was our last dog as Gibson passed suddenly in February 2010, four days after we lost our precious Maine Coon/Tabby Theodore.

Benny was extremely sick so this was the best thing for him. I think pet loss is the worst part of pet ownership. You love them and you love them and they ask practically nothing of you – then you have to make the humane decision when it’s time. It’s plain old awful.

Please send over some prayers if possible… Thanks


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  1. Please accept out sympathy. We lost our lady Emma yesterday to the same thing. WE know what a tragedy it is and we wish you the very best.

    Mogley G. Retriever, Bella, Molly and Piper

  2. I agree, it is the hardest part of pet ownership. Letting them go is so hard, and I am so sorry for your loss.

  3. William says:

    We’re so sorry. Loss is the worst no matter what, and although we all go through it, it’s something we really can’t share. Please take care, and peace be with you.

  4. Kim says:

    From the mom – yes, that is the most difficult part – letting them go. Have had to make that decision a few times and never gets any easier. So sorry to hear that Benson has left you.

    Run free now Benson – forever whole and pain-free.


  5. we are so deeply sorry. We know how hard it is….you are right, we love them and love them and then we have to make the most awful decisions.
    (((((hugs))))) we are sending you healing purrs and licks and much love.

  6. PetsWeekly says:

    Oh Jaime, im so sorry to hear of your loss. We have also had a really hard year with the death of two elderly, beloved cats. I sure hope you feel better. Know Benson will be waiting at the bridge for you. Loss of prayers and good energy will be coming your way from us and the pack.

  7. We are so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Godspeed Benson.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Michael says:

    So sorry to hear that Benny is gone. I enjoyed reading about him over the last couple of years and seeing the product reviews he had helped with. Im sure he will be surely and sorely missed. Prayers coming your way from northern Ohio.

    Michael H

  9. Oh, Jaime, so sorry to learn of Benson’s loss. They are such wonderful companions. Hugs, purrs and pawhugs.

  10. It is so hard to lose them…my heart goes out to you…two of my three dogs and my cat are elderly. They are doing okay right now but I know that it is not too terribly far in the future that I will have to make the heartbreaking decision on their behalf. *hugs*

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