Benson and the Butterfly – Update on Benson

Our little Benny-butt continues to pull through in brilliant form….

It has been too long since I updated you all on his condition. His lymphangiectasia is still bad… he still chokes and pukes and has trouble breathing from it… except it has gotten worse some days, then others it’s not… some days he’s lying down on the couch the whole day, most days he is not active and he doesn’t tale walks anymore at night after dinner.

Some days we think we are seeing Benny on his last legs… some days he barks at you like a puppy again.

Some days he gets up on his own from the floor, and some days we have to literally pick up his entire back end because he can’t feel the nerves (from the lymphangiectasia)…

I mean, some days he can’t get up on his own and you have to lift him from the butt end (from underneath). He still has NO problem taking or eating a cookie or boney so there’s no problemo there, lol. Although his breathing is so strained he does have to take it easy when he eats one.

Sweet little Benson has energy like a puppy sometimes; he follows me around the house while I write during the day and I just love him. He’s my little buddy totally. He leans on me when we are sitting on the couch; he follows me when I got outside to smoke… he sits right next to my smoking chair and stands next to me if I sit on the deck stairs – where ever is close enough to get some petting in.

A month or so ago, Butt-ley (one of my many nicknames for him because his little Golden booty is just irresistible) went off EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS MEDS: the antibiotic, the GI med, the steroid… everything.

And it was like another dog appeared.

Benny came out and was roaching around on the floor again, chowing down his meals like a puppy (at this point he is getting hamburger or fresh chicken with his kibble – we are just letting him have what he wants to eat – now he is eating IAMS cat food with his dog kibble)

But then it disappeared again.

We are back to square one with a sweet 12-year-old Golden who is very sick and very strained. We know what we have to do.

Today, just now, he was outside with me and a butterfly and a dragonfly were flying around him and landing on him.

I think it was Gibson and Theodore telling him it’s time to come over the Bridge.

They landed on his golden, fluffy, Fozzy-Bear-fur and stayed there. I think they were saying


It’s time.

But how do you say goodbye after all these years? After everything? After all the times?

6 Responses to “Benson and the Butterfly – Update on Benson”

  1. It’s really hard to see the time approaching for them to leave. Sending {{{hugs}}}, purrs and pawhugs.

  2. We send all of our best wishes to Benson. Our 11 year old lady, Emma, is currently following the same trail as Benson, same diagnosis, only a few months behind him.

    We wish you the best and hope for lots of good times in the days ahead.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. Chloe says:

    Jaime, this is from Miah, “Remember his life with you was the best it could have been and he had a reason to be here.” We both send hugs and strength. We’ll be thinking of you.

  4. asta says:

    It’s nevew evew long enuff, Mommi says and heawtbweaking to have to even think about saying fawewell, but Benson will know, he’ll tell you..he will be going to see angel fwiends..and it won’t be goodbye, just ’till
    i see you again
    smoochie kisses

  5. Amber Stowell says:

    Jaims, you have had me in a complete puddle for an hour. I’m so sorry, honey. It’s so hard, and it’s a part of life I hate. But I’m so happy to have had my babies for the time I had them; your metaphor of the butterfly and the dragonfly is perfect. I believe it must have been precisely that.

    Huge hugs to you, my beautiful friend. I love you.


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