Beneful® Healthy Smile Dog Food = Happy Hounds & Strong Smiles

Thanks to Beneful® Healthy Smile, the new line of premium dog food and high-quality dog treats from Purina®, Franklin and Ramsey are sporting some seriously better breath and some super smiles.

BenefulBeneful® Healthy Smile, a sample of which we received from the brand, was created with real ingredients that freshen breath and, at the same time, clean dogs’ teeth. The “Smilebite kibble” and other crunchy kibbles help keep your adult dog’s teeth stay clean and it also will consistently keep his breath fresher. The Healthy Smile recipe consists of real chicken and wholesome rice, and is accented with carrots, yogurt and a bit of parsley.

Franklin and Ramsey ate this recipe up with fervor. Being a former puppy mill stud and a rescue, Frank still has problems eating – although he’s 10-years-old. We have to sit next to him on the floor while he eats his chow. Well not with Healthy Smile – he ate this right up on his own before his brother could come over and hoover it all up! Go Frankie!

Frankin, aka Frankie or Frank-N-Beans, enjoys his Healthy Smile dinner!

Franklin, aka Frankie or Frank-N-Beans, enjoys his Healthy Smile dinner!

Check out the benefits of Beneful Healthy Smile:

–          Protein-rich nutrition with real chicken helps build strong muscles

–          Wholesome rice with carbs for healthy energy

–          Helps to clean teeth and freshen breath

–          Vitamin-rich nutrition: your dog is getting food with carrots, yogurt and parsley to help support vision and a healthy immune system

The boys thoroughly enjoyed these high-quality dog treats from Purina too…. The Beneful® Healthy Smile Ridges and the Beneful® Healthy Smile Twists are both nutritious and offer dental health benefits, too.  The Twists Delicious are dental dog treats with a peanut butter flavor (natural and artificial) accented with real parsley to help keep your dog’s smile happy and healthy. They also help to reduce plaque & tartar and feature added calcium, which aids in keeping teeth strong. The Ridges are delicious dental dog treats with a savory meaty middle made with real meat and also accented with real parsley to help keep your dog’s smile happy and healthy. They help to reduce plaque & tartar build-up as well, and also have added calcium to help keep teeth strong.

Beneful® Healthy Smile dog food is available in 3.3 lbs, 6.5 lbs, 14 lbs, and 27.5 lbs bags; there are coupons available on various websites for it.

You can, conveniently enough, find the latter, the delicious Beneful Healthy Smile dog treats, Ridges and Twists, in sizes ideal for Small, Medium and Large dogs.

I highly recommend this new premium dog food and line of dog treats from Beneful; Ramsey and Franklin give this grrr-eat food four paws-up (and they are p-i-c-k-y!!).


*We received a gratis Beneful Healthy Smile product package from Purina (for review) that included samples of the Healthy Smile dog food and Healthy Smile Twists and Ridges dog treats.

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  1. I never even heard of that version from Beneful before, thanks for reviewing! I will have to try it out on my pups and I actually get a lot of questions from clients on what food I would recommend for helping doggy breath. Thanks!

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  3. Patti Pyles says:

    How many calories peer twist for Beneful Health Smile Twists. Thanks.

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