Beggin’ Strips Wants YOU! Nom-Nom-“Nominate” Your Favorite Flavors-Win a Beggin’ Bag to Boot!

Posted on October 15th, 2013 in Canine Corner, Contests, Dogs, Pet Food, Pet Treats, Purina

The Beggin’ Strips brand from Purina has a special program going on with Sam’s Club through the end of the month – consumers can vote for their dog’s three favorite Beggin’ flavors (there are five varieties: Bacon, Bacon-N-Cheese, Thick Cuts Hickory, Collisions Bacon-N-Cheeseburger and Collisions Bacon-N-Peanut Butter).

The top three Beggin’ product vote-getters at the end of the month will be featured in a special Beggin’ Party Pack that will arrive at Sam’s in March 2014.Beggin Pick A Pack (2)

To enthuse you and to encourage you to vote, I have received special access to the one-and-only Beggin’ Party Pack, featuring all five of the Beggin’ flavors up for votes (30 total oz. of Beggin’!) and a lovely Beggin’ branded bag to hold them all! All-in-all, this giveaway Beggin’ Party Pack is valued at over $50. I will be giving away one such special bag to a lucky dog-owning reader.

So how do you win?

The Beggin' Bag will go to one lucky winner!

The Beggin’ Bag will go to one lucky winner!

Well first, go and vote for your favorite three Beggin’ products here:

Second, please share your vote on Twitter (as the app will ask you to do), and then share your Tweet in the comments section here.

Third, in your comment, please tell me why you would like to win the Beggin’ Bag, valued at over $50, or why you think you deserve it!

That’s it! GOOD LUCK!

For more details, click here.

Winners will be announced October 28th via email.

2 Responses to “Beggin’ Strips Wants YOU! Nom-Nom-“Nominate” Your Favorite Flavors-Win a Beggin’ Bag to Boot!”

  1. Amy Orvin says:

    I voted!

    I’d love to win the Beggin’ Bag so I can store and carry Toby and Sushi’s bags of Beggin’ strips! They are such well behaved, sweet girls and they love to snack on those yummy treats.

  2. Ashly S says:

    I would love to get the Beggin Bag so we can tote around all of our fave treats and toys and towels to and from the dog park! What a savvy idea from Purina! Thanks for the contest!

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