BassetFest 2009 in Ohio a Great Success

Imagine 50 Basset Hounds running around a 10-acre park like wild dogs…carousing one another, playing and wrestling, taking unauthorized swims – it’s a sight one will rarely have the chance to see. But that’s exactly what Ohio Basset Rescue’s (OBR) BassetFest 2009 was.

Basset Fest IHeld in Delaware, Ohio at Columbus Dog Park, OBR’s efforts reach all the way to Cleveland, New York and even further for that matter. Local foster parent and Cleveland pet rescue enthusiast Ashly Smith, who lives in North Olmsted with her two Bassets and two additional foster Bassets, attended the event along with foster parents and potential adopters from all over Cleveland and other parts of Ohio.

BassetFest 2009 was a great success according to organizer and OBR owner Basset Fest 20Amy Barnes. With raffles, games, prizes, and fun events like a costume contest, and with adoptive families and potential adopters all showing up, it was a chance for OBR to raise funds, screen adopters, and let current foster parents come together to celebrate the short-legged, long-nosed hovering canines that are so beloved by many.

Smith, who ended up bringing one more foster Basset home to Cleveland, said she fosters because of the rewards. “Knowing that I am helping save the life of an animal, and helping them cope with their more often than not violent pasts and learn to trust again is why I do it,” she said. “Seeing that change in them brings out so many others…it’s amazing.”

Basset Fest 24Smith, who lovingly refers to her Bassets as “howling short-legged wonder dogs,” has been fostering and placing dogs for OBR for about a year now. She personally gathered $150 for the cash prize raffle for the event, of which the winner turned around and gave $100 right back to the organization.

BassetFest 2009 was a howling success, raising about $5,000 for the organization and adopting out four dogs who desperately needed homes. Like so many other rescue organizations across the country, OBR is filled to the brim. Additionally, multiple adoption applications were filled out that will hopefully turn into successful adoptions.

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