Henry “the Peanut” Basset Hound Passes to Rainbow Bridge: Cancer Takes Yet Another Dog…

Yesterday our family’s beloved Basset Hound Henry, who just successfully finished the Eukanuba Challenge, had to cross the Rainbow Bridge – he had a huge tumor behind his liver – the size of a golf ball – that was cancerous and inoperable. He would not have made it long.

My sister Ashes (my personal sisters-only nickname for her), Henry’s forever Mu-ther (our family ‘animal word’ for mom), made the world’s hardest decision (or one of them) to put The Peanut down so he would not suffer any pain or discomfort. (He had already been throwing up blood that morning.)

* Ashes, like me with Theodore, had barely been over the passing of Tucky the Pittie mix three years ago. *

** Keep in mind this is at 7 am the morning after our mother had SERIOUS Rotator Cuff surgery; Mom was in the worst condition we both had EVER seen her in in our ENTIRE lives – we were already hysterical at one hospital Wednesday and practically inconsolable. (No one should have to see their mother cry or in that kind of pain.)

Henry in His Fave Chair - Graphic Courtesy Zoolatry

Anyhow, Ashes slept at our house with my Mom Weds night so my Dad could get some rest – she was up all night taking care of her, rubbing her feet, putting lip balm on her, getting her throat lozenges, moisturizing her face, getting water, and everything else you can think of that someone needs in the immediate PAIN after a surgery that serious. She’s naturally caring and giving like that – always worried about everyone else…

◊ Ashes returned home at 7 am Thursday am to find Henry in horrible condition – barely able to move. I had JUST SEEN HIM Wednesday myself while we were waiting for Mom to get into recovery — I chocked his slowness, labored breathing and odd behavior up to typical stubborn Peanut/Basset behavior and/or old age/tiredness/laziness – imagine the uselessness (and mis-education – yes that’s a word) I feel right now (but this is not about me).

Ashes is in horrible condition. I wish I knew how to help my sister. I cannot explain how awful it feels to not be able to do something.

She came over with Franklin, the rescue Basset she saved from Ohio Basset Rescue (thanks to Amy B., who saved him from a puppy mill in Ohio’s Amish Country – the WORST offender), all day yesterday and “Mr. Frank N Beans” wouldn’t leave her side.

He knew something was wrong…. like all animals do when something of this magnitude happens.

Peanut was one of the first animals I wrote about when I started ThoughtsFurPaws — I nicknamed him “Henry the Horrible” because he was comically stubborn, slow, LOUD and obstinate – similar to Marley, the proclaimed World’s Worst Dog!

You could not train it out of him – neither Cesar Milan nor Victoria Stilwell (spelling?) could have…  ! And we loved him for it 🙂

Henry inspired me beyond words, and I have many a poem and short story about him that I will slowly share in a series over the next couple months.

♥ ♥ Henry:

Your family will love and cherish you and our blessed memories of your “hilarities” forever. We will always think of you when we see a Hound of any type. You adopted your Mother as much as she adopted you and you will never know how much you gave to her — or how much you enriched all of our lives. I feel at ease knowing you were greeted at the Bridge by your older brother – Ashly’s Tux – plus our family’s Nickodemus and Gibson and my Theodore. all of whom have passed from cancer.

We also know that all of our pet friends in the blogosphere who have lost a beloved animal to cancer OR ANYTHING are greeting you, sniffing around, letting you follow your nose as you always did, romping and playing, doing your famous squawk, and jumping around like you are 1-year-old again, probably stepping on your own ears like you did on your first few walks (remember — Ashes carried you halfway through Long Beach because you got tired and kept stepping on your ears!)

Henry our “Perpendicular Peanut,” our Rebellious Basset, our first family Hound who started a forever tradition

♥ ♥ we will forever miss you and can’t wait to see you again ♥ ♥

Ash, my sister in blood and water, love and friendship, and in every other way possible:



“You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down”


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  1. Another Henry's Dad says:

    I can’t believe I just found this story!

    I too have just lost my 10 y/o beloved Henry Hound to cancer(2 days ago).

    He too was a stubborn old boy who loved Henry’s way and a comfy chair.

    Your story has put a tear in my eye, but the photo of your Henry melted my heart.

    Thanks for the sad but great story.

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