“Don’t Kill Bill” Aerial Show Educates Denver Area Animal Lovers On Puppy Mills

It is the feeling of not only ME, but many animal lovers, rescuers and welfare advocates across the entire U.S., no matter what part, that there are far too many Americans who are TOTALLY unaware of puppy mills.

I mean, not only unaware of what they are, but blithely unaware how inherently dangerous, problematic and cruel they are. My fellow Up For Pups Boardmember, Chad Darwin says “they place an incredible strain on the animal welfare community.”

He’s so right.

That’s just part of the reason that I sit on the board of the non-profit, Up for Pups – partially also because the founder is brilliant, super-talented, generous, caring and because I was drawn to her the moment I saw the “Don’t Kill Bill” show at BlogPaws/Columbus in 2008 because of our common interests.

Kyla Duffy dedicates more than most people I know – time, funding, etc., to animals in need.

So it’s all I can do to (not only serve on her board, but also) share this important announcement:

* Her awesome show is coming up in Denver; she’ll be performing March 10th in Lakewood *

Kyla Duffy at "Don't Kill Bill"

“Our show offers children, teenagers, and adults of all ages a unique twist and spin on humane education in a fun, safe and entertaining environment,” said Kyla Duffy, show writer and producer. The show aims to “educate as well as dazzle the eyes,” according to Darwin.

“Puppy mills continue to be a despicable source aiding the already challenging problem of pet homelessness, and we firmly believe education is essential.”

Duffy created “Don’t Kill Bill” to raise awareness about puppy mills and encourage people to get involved with animal rescue organizations. I — being the anti-puppy mill maven that I am – was immediately taken with her when I first met her, and I can tell you the show is amazing.

Local organizations that work a multitude of breeds will be present in the lobby to answer any questions, according to the press release.

Up for Pups will be promoting adoptable dogs during the show as well! Tickets are $19 per adult and $15 per student/senior. Tickets are available at http://upforpups.org/events

I hope that if you live even within an hour or so that you can go.


I GUARANTEE that you will be blown away when Duffy, the founder of Happy Tails Books as well as Up for Pups, swings like an ape (I mean she’s limber and acrobatic, not monkey-like people – it’s a compliment!) through the air in her aerial show, “Don’t Kill Bill: A Celebration of Adopted Dogs.”  The show combines short films, live storytelling and music coupled with Duffy’s personal aerial acrobatics skills to celebrate rescued dogs’ resilience and highlighting rescuers’ compassion.

IT’S AWESOME; you will be so impressed, you’ll laugh and cry with delight and emotion, I promise. Remember, tickets are available at http://upforpups.org/events

*Proceeds from the show will be used to further Up For Pups animal advocacy efforts. In addition to enjoying this wonderfully unique theater production, attendees will have the opportunity to win a gift basket full of dog products as well as a $500 donation for the dog rescue organization of his or her choice (rescue must be present in the lobby to win). Each attendee will get one free drawing ticket at the door with a chance to buy additional tickets during intermission. Drawing ticket sales benefit local rescue organizations.

“Don’t Kill Bill: A Celebration of Adopted Dogs” Event Details:

Saturday, March 10th, 7:00 p.m.

Lakewood Cultural Center

470 S. Allison Pkwy

Lakewood, CO 80226

*** Tickets are available at http://upforpups.org/events ***

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    This is wonderful! I am really looking forward to it!! Thanks for the info 🙂

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