A Well-Groomed Pet is a Healthy Pet!

We all like to look our best, so why should your pet be an exception?

While they’re not going to be checking their reflection in shop windows or constantly changing the color of their “fur” like their owners, dogs and cats do benefit from being groomed regularly in important ways!

** While cats tend to groom themselves naturally, long-haired breeds especially need a little bit of TLC on a regular basis to stop fur from becoming matted and knotted. (Sasha is a perfect example of this – she gets major baths twice a year: once in Spring, once in Fall. Her mats get too bad otherwise and the conditioning treatment we use is long-lasting and makes her silky and soft for months! In between that we are constantly cutting out knotted long furballs and mats – and these WILL go all the way to the skin and HURT the animal if not taken care of… )

For dogs, grooming is a pleasurable experience and an important part of the bonding process between owner and pet.

Regular grooming not only cuts down on the amount of dog hair you have to cram up the Bissell every day, but it can also help prevent skin conditions developing underneath matted and/or dirty fur. For some breeds with ‘double’ coats, grooming and brushing is essential, particularly during the summer, to ensure that they don’t become uncomfortably hot due to a build-up of excess hair

** Two signs that your dog would do well from a good brushing are continuous scratching and excess shedding. However, these may also indicate that fleas have taken up residence…

Using the right tools

Ensure that Fido is regularly given a flea treatment such as Frontline for dogs to stop infestations.

Pampering our pooches is big business for some, and there are a host of different grooming products available.

Furminator is one of the most well-respected manufacturers of dog grooming products and produces a range that are suitable for both long- and short-hair breeds. Regular baths using dog shampoo will also condition and soften your pet’s fur, keeping it shiny and clean and reducing that ‘doggy odor’ that can sometimes develop. Don’t be tempted to use ordinary human shampoo: the harsh chemicals and perfumes used often cause skin irritation.

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  1. The title says it all! Keeping your pets well groomed is truly beneficial as it doesn’t only represent a healthy feature but also make them at ease. You can prevent them from having various diseases and this will make them feel more comfortable.

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