PetFinder® Celebrates an Amazing 20 Years of Adopting Pets; ThoughtsFurPaws Recollects Why Pet Adoption is the Smartest Choice

Pet Lovers Sustain the PetFinder Initiative! Support PetFinder in Making a $200K Foundation Donation by Using #MetOnPetfinder on Social Media

First things first.

Golden Retriever rescue dog

Jiminy Cricket, the guide dog school dropout who is now my therapy dog. He’s a purebred – and a RESCUE.

You who know me well also know that pet adoption is my only option.

Now that may not be true for all of you – and that’s fine. But for me, it’s the way to go.

Even my precious Jiminy Cricket – a purebred English Crème Golden Retriever – is a rescue. My sweet (near-) 16-year-old, Norwegian Forest mix Sasha is a rescue, and a fiery, feisty one at that. (It says “TAKE SEVERE PRECAUTIONS” on her vet chart in bright red tape.) And both fat Maxwell Anderson and “mini-Abyssini” Tater Tot Turnbull are rescues, too.

In fact, going back about 20 years to when I was 16, I cannot think of one single animal in my life that has not been a rescue. This includes Telly the Tortoise, Jaws the longest-living-Goldfish-ever (he ate every other fish we put in his tank), and George Orwell, the white Dairy Farm Rat that my big sister saved from 6th grade Science lab hell. More recently there was Owen, the baby bunny that Sasha tackled (and quickly caught somehow). I yelled “Drop it Sasha” immediately and, being the good girl that she is, she did, but Owen was playing possum. I gently picked him up, both of us still breathing, and called the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, where I was directed to a wildlife rescuer off-site. Molly, an expert in wildlife rescue and rehab and hands-down one of the smartest cookies I’ve ever met, took Owen in, and gave him the hand-feeding and nursing he required. She saved his life, and then adopted him out to a real home.

Rosie the rescue squirrel

Fat Rosie lets it all hang out while I snap away…

Then there’s the uber-famous Fat Rosie, my seemingly-preggers squirrel BFF who stayed with me for two years. (Squirrels are a very transient population and move oft so to have her around that long is absolutely unheard of.) Fat Rosie is a Facebook star now and I will never get over losing her. She let me pet her and feed her from my hands. She sat on the deck with me every day with Sasha in toe, while I worked or read a book or talked with my Mom or watered the flowers. Fat Rosie was totally me and Sasha’s buddy. Boo that she had to leave with her family.

So, why? Why do we rescuers do this? How did I turn out to be a wild baby bunny saving, squirrel feeding, deer caretaking, shelter volunteering, rescue fund-securing animal devotee who salvages anything with four legs that looks through my eyes?

Well it may have something to do with the fact that I was crawling on blankets as a baby with Great Danes and 20-pound Ragdolls, but I’d venture to say it’s, in turn, because that’s how my Mom raised me. It’s in the genes baby. That’s what I learned from her, my Dad, and others around me. That’s where nurture and nature took my mind, my impressionable soul and turned my sense of humanity – and that’s where my morals, beliefs and ethics stand today-and forever. And that’s simply that. (Please excuse the quid philosophical pro quo but you’ll get it in a second.)

Adopt a pet to make your life richer!

Sasha my sweet Norwegian Forest Cat mix, is an uncertified therapy cat and an outdoor cat.

Now. I realize that you may have differing viewpoints on pet rescue and pet adoption.* Many a myth exist about adopting pets from shelters.

-Some fall prey to the old myths that rescue pets are beat-up old has-beens that have behavioral problems and just never act right.

-Some believe that rescues are forever damaged.

-Some think that they always will look as raggedy and terrified and dirty as they do in the shelter…

-And yet others believe that rescues can never be as smart as purebreds. (This last one really gets me.)

None of these things are true.

Rescues, in my humble (yet tried) opinion, are insightful, resilient, emotional and intelligent creatures capable of all that purebreds are, and who give back to us humans a million times more than we can ever give them.

petfinder pet adoption And this brings me to PetFinder. For the past 20 years, PetFinder’s amazing team has worked tirelessly and sometimes to their wit’s end to ensure that more adoptable pets find their forever homes. Since 1996, PetFinder has helped facilitate over a whopping 25 MILLION pet adoptions through its shelter and rescue member organizations.

To celebrate the group’s 20th anniversary, PetFinder is asking pet parents, pet lovers, pet advocates and all general pet peeps of the world to join in the fun and celebration. What celebration, you ask? Well the highly lauded rescue organization is aiming to donate $200,000 benefitting 20 shelter and rescue members.

To make it happen, PetFinder is asking animal lovers like us to help generate 1 million views of its #MetOnPetfinder anniversary video, by October 24th, which shows how adoptable pets have transformed the lives of their adopters.

When the 1 million views goal is met, 20 PetFinder shelter and rescue members will each receive a $10,000 grant from the PetFinder Foundation to help continue to transform the lives of the pets in their care and cultivate more lifelong relationships.

As part of the celebration, PetFinder families, advocates, partners and fans are encouraged to share their own PetFinder adoption stories on social media by using the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder.

“We’re using this moment to celebrate our incredible legacy with our shelter and rescue members while inspiring a new generation of where-pets-find-peoplepet lovers – just like you – to adopt.”

Petfinder encourages more people to consider adoption when adding a pet to their family. By removing barriers within the adoption process, the group’s goal is to make the pet adoption process easier by connecting people with pets! So head on over to and check out this tear-jerker of a video. But remember – it’s going to help hundreds of thousands more homeless animals! After all…

An average of 1.2 million pets per year have found forever homes on PetFinder since its inception!

How cool is that? I want to show you the effect that pet adoption and animal rescue has on people so I’ve put together some quotes.

Molly Ryan, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, Independent Wildlife Rehabilitator: “These animals have done nothing wrong in their lives except be born into a world with far too many of them. They deserve a chance and a person to love. I think matching a person with a new furry member of their family is sometimes as close to a miracle as we are ever able to get. Petfinder is such a huge help in facilitating these powerful connections.”

Ashly Smith, 10-yr Basset foster: “The heart of a rescue is different than the heart of any other… What Petfinder does, matching pets with their people, is absolutely invaluable. And people need to learn to respect that and need to learn from it at the same time.”

Ellen Q., Owner, Love-A-Stray Cat Rescue: “The lives of people in pet rescue are surrounded by the duress of the animals we live to save. But they’re also enveloped in the happiness and love that our adopters receive from these so-called rugged rescues for the rest of their/our lives. PetFinder plays an absolutely crucial role as they have the ability and means to do this on a nationwide level. I think people need to pay a hell of a lot more attention to rescue in general. You know me Jaime, we’re on the same page…But I also think the general public should give more kudos to organizations like PetFinder that have the manpower, mindpower and the HEARTS and organizational means to do pet adoption and hence, rescue, on a national level. P.S. They need to do a campaign to make people more aware of the money local rescues spend vetting these cats and dogs so people stop scoffing at adoption fees. Don’t they know what it costs to feed these pets and keep them alive and healthy until they go to a forever home? Please thank PetFinder and all their partners. If not for them, little guys like us wouldn’t be possible.”


*Caveat~ I understand if you want a purebred for medical reasons or for the up-keeping of the breed or a multitude of other reasons. I’m not against respectable breeders.

 All opinions herein are of the Administrator, JL Smith. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. This post was written in conjunction with Nestle Purina Pet Care, and the Administrator received compensation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

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K9Cuisine: Premium Pet Foods, Quality Customer Service, and a Gigantic Charitable Heart

K9Cuisine deserves kudos. They do pet food different. K9Cuisine is the ultimate in online pet food delivery.K9Cuisine Natural Dog Food

Unlike actual mealtimes for most of our slobber-puss, drool-flinging, over-eager canine extensions, the pet food delivery process at K9Cuisine is seamless, clean, and streamlined. It’s easy. I love it. I wish I could shop for myself so easily.

Now I’m not one to laud where lauding isn’t necessary. I’m also not one to blow smoke where smoke is undue. But my experience with this company was so phenomenal that it sticks with me today and I’ve become a repeat “orderer” with no coupon code. Not that’s sayin’ somethin’.  (If you’re unsure of what I’m referencing, head over to read this ACANA review post really quick.)

Pet MenuK9Cuisine, to give a quick recap, offers premium pet supplies through online delivery. You’ll find everything there:

-Dog Supplements, Cat Supplements

Premium Dog Food, Natural Cat Food

-Pet Toys

-Pet Treats

Pet Accessories and Other Cool Pet Supplies

Only a nine-year-old company, K9Cuisine has built a solid reputation for unbeatable customer service using a solid business plan: healthy food. That’s right, was one of the first online pet retailers that specialized in providing only healthy food options for both dogs and cats, and the platform has served well…Many customers – and I can now attest to this – come back and keep coming back not only for the amazing product array, but because when you talk to the service people directly, they actually treat you like a human. Not some person calling in that’s about to spend money. Even better, they get to know you and your pet. Why? Because they don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction. They HONESTLY want to help. It’s like everyone they get their hands on becomes part of a big extended doggie-love family. It’s absolutely wonderful. (I would tell you that I have a K9Cuisine employee on my speed dial now but I’ll pry get edited.)

“K9Cuisine prides itself on treating all of our customers like family,” says Joshua Barnes, a humble, unassuming and friendly K9Cuisine executive. “We really like to just talk directly to the customers to get a feel for them and their pets and their pets’ needs. We want to learn more about them and their pets’ so we can do our absolute best the first time to take care of them.”

Barnes continued to say that many customers are repeat customers and there’s yet another segment that’s been around the entire nine years the company has been in existence. “My suspicion is that they know that if they ever have an issue or question that we always do our absolute best to take care of them 100% the first time with anything,” Barnes food rating tool

The pet-friendly company, which carries over 100 of the top pet food, treat and accessory brands and offers free shipping on all orders over $59, also offers a %5 shipping discount to ‘AutoShip’ customers, those customers who simply have their orders on repeat instead of re-ordering every time. Perks like these plus the formidable and fantastically friendly customer service phenoms on the phone make K9Cuisine unstoppable.

And so does the company’s new website, which recently rebuilt, and launched this past April. Although an ecommerce site at heart, it has cool features like Sales and New Products sections, plus a one-of-a-kind dog food rating tool that you surely won’t find anywhere else. The tool basically allows you, the customer, to check out how a particular dog food rates based on K9Cuisine’s formula. Though not all-encompassing, it provides great background and a starting point, and it serves as an easy-to-use tool allowing you, the pooch-health-conscious- consumer, to identify the overall nutritional value of a food and to measure whether more research is needed to quell your questions. K9Cuisine has more in the works for this tool in the future – including a full database-driven system and more personalization – so stay tuned. They’re also looking to add a cat food rating tool on the site!

k9 cuisine humane society donation

K9Cuisine donated over 1,700 pounds of pet food to the Nebraska HS Pet Food Pantry this summer.

But despite the awe-inspiring customer service and the supped-up website, many of you will be able to guess what really got me about K9Cuisine. Their charitable activities of course. (Always the closest thing to my heart as many of you know…) K9Cuisine goes a long way to help less fortunate pets and pet care organizations out there. For example, this summer the brand donated over 1,700 pounds of pet food to the Nebraska Humane Society Pet Food Pantry, one of thousands of such community resources that have popped up in recent times for pet owners who’ve fallen on hard times. In addition to the Nebraska Humane Society donation, involves itself with a number of non-profits and shelters all across the US each year to donate pet food and other items to ensure homeless pets have items they need. K9Cuisine is also soon starting a program to work with law enforcement and military K9 units around the country to show appreciation for working dogs (more to come on that, shhh!).

Finally, on their company blog, K9Cuisine often reviews pet shelters and rescues, giving them a chance at promotion and recognition and a chance for fans/customers to spread the word. “We recently started a program where we select shelters and non-profits from around the country and write them up,” Barnes explained. “We write an article for them that highlights who they are, what they do and the services they offer. Then we promote these organizations to all of our fans.” This in turn offers further engagement opportunity and exposure to the non-profits.

“We are glad to help promote these organizations as they do so much for our communities but are often times overlooked,” Barnes continued. 

I encourage you as my thoughtful and caring readers and as the enthusiasts of pet rescue and animal welfare that I know you are to check out some of the coverage the K9Cuisine blog has given the world of pet charity – it’s impressive and they’re always looking for shelter story submissions! (So get crackin’ guys and write ‘em up!)

Interact with K9Cuisine online at, or, again, on their remarkable blog. You can also network and have fun with K9Cuisine on Facebook and Twitter!

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Helping Your Dog Age Gracefully

Tips to Help Ease Your Dog into Sublime Seniority

Whether you took in a puppy from a breeder or adopted an older dog at a shelter, you want them to live long and healthy lives. To help your pet age gracefully, take a look at the tips below. And even if your pup isn’t at that senior stage just yet, many of these tips can be beneficially applied to your non-senior pet’s routine to help them have happier, healthier lives.

Maintain a Healthy Weight – Good nutrition is important at every age and even more important as your dog’s metabolism and activity levels slow down. And extra pounds can put stress on your pet’s body, especially their joints and internal organs. Top veterinarian and senior pet health expert, Dr. Ernie Ward, has commented that, “Proper nutrition can help keep dogs playful and fight signs of aging.” As they slow down pets need fewer calories but still need a diet that has the proper amount of protein, fatty acids and is especially high in fiber. Fortunately, Spring Naturals dinners and treats have all of those healthy benefits because their recipes include whole fruits and vegetables, with five percent fiber, as well as real meat as the first ingredient.Senior Pet Health

Focus on Antioxidants – Antioxidants can increase the effectiveness of dog’s immune system. Antioxidants like fish oil with Omega-3 fatty acids and L-carnitine are beneficial in helping prevent senile dementia in dogs, while vitamin E and beta-carotene help eliminate free radical particles that can cause damage to body tissue. Spring Naturals’ Senior Dinners contain all of these ingredients plus the same whole fruits and vegetables in every recipe and provide lots of antioxidants from blueberries, cranberries, carrots, and apricots. The senior recipe also includes chicken for its lean protein, salmon oil for its high amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, L-carnitine and beta-carotene to battle free radicals, vitamin B12 supplement for energy, and vitamin E for extra joint health.

Keep it Clean – It’s not just your dog’s coat that needs to be looked after. It’s important to also make sure areas such as their teeth, eyes and ears are regularly cleaned, doing so can prevent major health issues and also save you high vet bills. Teeth: Not brushing your dog’s teeth can lead to gingivitis and many other periodontal diseases, which can actually lead to other issues, such has heart disease and diabetes. Routine tarter build-up and teeth cleanings can prevent more severe problems in the future, as well as help keeping doggie breath at bay. Every week take a look at your pooch’s teeth, making sure the gums are pink and not white, red or swelling. Eyes: While antioxidants can help prevent vision loss in pets, regular cleanings can also help Fido’s sight. Every few days, using a damp cotton ball or cloth, clean your dog’s eyes by starting at the inside corner of your dog’s eye and wiping outward to remove any dirt that developed around the eyelid. If you do see signs like eye discharge, constant tearing, crust along the eyelids, and unequal pupil sizes, take your dog to the vet. Ears: Checking your dog’s ear consistently can help you dog maintain good hearing. The inside of your dog’s ear should look pink, not white or red. To clean the ear, take a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and gently swipe it over the inner-ear skin, making sure you never insert anything in your dog’s ear canal. You don’t need to clean your dog’s ears too frequently, but it is important to check them. See a vet if you witness ear discharge, redness, swelling, brown or black ear wax, or dark wax that resembles coffee grounds.

Helping Senior DogsRegular Vet Visits – Taking your dog to the vet is a practice your family should implement regularly, getting an annual checkup or “wellness” visit at least once a year. Each time you go, make sure a thorough exam is conducted which includes, listening to your dog’s heart and lungs and examining their coat, teeth, eyes, ears, and internal organs. And as your pet ages, make sure to talk to your vet about getting checkups more frequently. It’s been recommended that healthy senior dogs should see the vet around every six months. Vets can also advise if your dog could be susceptible to other issues that have to do with breed or location factors, and give you tips on ways to prevent them.

So, to help your best friend age gracefully, then be sure to keep all these things in mind to help them live a long and healthy life. Because you already know – life with a dog is always better!

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Attention Dog Walkers, Dog Lovers & Doggie Aficionados: Your Perfect Leash is just That

Whether you’re hoping to stroll Fido around the block or you’re huffing along a 10-mile tow path with your pooch, Your Perfect Leash is your best friend’s best friend. And yours, too now. If you get that….! BOL!

Best Dog Leash

Your Perfect Leash from Your Perfect Puppy, LLC

Your Perfect Puppy, LLC, maker of premium dog products and the new Your Perfect Leash, is super stoked to carry the newer-to-market option of a first-in-its-line, high-quality leash that will take the rough and tumble out of big-dog-walk-time. And the hassles as well.


Your Perfect Leash is made of soft all-weather nylon that will not fray, and features 2-layer dual construction for added resilience and durability. Even in tough, tough weather and twisty-turny circumstances where Cricket wrapped his self around phone poles and trees 10 times, the leash did not give or even strain once.  While standard leashes are about 1-inch in width, Your Perfect Leash is a full 20 percent wider to allow for easy handling of any size dog and ensure that your any size dog won’t be able to chew through it.

Here’s what I love most about this leash besides it’s obvious durability and besides the fact that no matter what he tries, Cricket CANNOT bite through it:

The Perfect Dog Leash

The Perfect Dog Leash layout

*BONUS! Your Perfect Leash is a convenient “Easy Secure System.” It features a really cool and clever carabiner clip sewn right into the handle and then a D-ring sewn 24 inches down the body.  This system is absolutely perfect for when you need to secure your dog to go indoors or are eating outdoors. Now you can secure him safely, comfortably and easily to any object by simply wrapping the leash around it and clipping the carabiner in the handle to the D-ring.  The carabiner can also be used to attach waste bags, keys or a treat pouch, or clip it to your belt for easy hands-free walking! How about that for fancy-pants?

*SECOND BONUS! There’s a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Your Perfect Puppy only makes premium pet supplies. We are a veteran-owned business and stand by all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Return your item any time for any reason and receive a full replacement or full refund.

Your Perfect Leash was inspired by professional dog walkers and is sure to become a favorite for owners and caretakers alike,” says Barton O’Brien, developer of Your Perfect Leash. “It will be the last leash you ever buy – it’s tough, durable, and it is made from eco-friendly material.  It also comes in high-end packaging so it makes a great gift for any dog owner.”

Originally introduced to pet lovers though boutique stores in Jersey, Your Perfect Leash is now on  MSRP is actually $29.99 but there’s a limited-time intro price right now on Amazon I highly suggest you take advantage of for under $18.

Don’t forget to check out this hip brand online at and on Facebook for more fun and functional durable doggie gear 🙂

Ultimately, Mr. Jiminy Cricket and I give this heavy-duty, super-trooper, unbreakable, un-iceable, unchewable, unbustable leash four-serious-paws-up!


*All opinions herein are of the Administrator and Owner, JL Smith. does not publish dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. This post was written in conjunction with Your Perfect Puppy, LLC, and the Administrator received trial product for review. Please email Administrator with questions or concerns.

Your Perfect Puppy MAIN

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ACANA Dog Food from Creates Happy, Healthy, Shiny Dogs

K9Cuisine Natural Dog FoodThe fur-loving folks over at K9Cuisine have etched out an impressive little market corner for themselves with high-protein premium dog food brands that are made in the USA, and offer a variety of flavors with innumerable benefits. The top-of-the-line natural dog foods and treats at are reasonably priced and will surely provide your Fluffy or Rufus with the remunerations he needs.

We tried the new line of ACANA dog food from the dog-and-cat-lovers at after being sent a bag to try. It’s a quality dog food that Brisket, our 5-year-old Pittie mix, absolutely loved. (Good because we picked it from a massive line of K9Cuisine’s premium dog foods….) Brisket had been having trouble eating breakfast in particular – okay, she actually protested and started flat-out refusing to eat the plain dry Rachel Ray dog food she was accustomed to getting. Picky? Maybe. Waiting for dinner so there’s gravy in the foodAcana dog food review? Perhaps. Annoyed that there’s plain dry kibble in her bowl that’s no longer tasty or appealing? Me thinks so…The morning I mixed in the ACANA Singles Duck and Pear Formula, she inhaled her breakfast in less than four minutes. I was shocked to say the least! I was so happy, but shocked!

Over the course of the next month, we would notice that Brisket was super-shiny, undoubtedly from the duck. We also noticed that she actually ate her breakfast every day, which means, to her, the kibble is delicious. Brisket has terrible skin allergies and hot spots, too. She also suffers from anxiety. The ACANA formula coated her skin like baby oil, and she is itching and scratching much less now. She also lost five pounds from eating the famous limited-ingredient formula.

Retailing at under $75 for a massive 25-lb bag, which lasted us a month, you can’t go wrong on price with ACANA or with K9 Cuisine. ACANA’s tasty kibble is made right here in horse country, Kentucky, USA, with free-run Muscovy duck and real Bartlett pears. The ACANA dog food bags will actually tell you where, down to the county or city, each major ingredient came from! Cool! Check some of the other awesome features of the ACANA Singles Duck and Pear Formula:

  • -Biologically Appropriate™: rich in protein and limited carbs
  • -Wholeprey™ Single: duck flesh, liver, giblets and cartilage
  • -First ingredient from raw or Muscovy duck; formula is 50% free-run duck ingredients
  • -High Palatability: infused with freeze-fried duck liver
  • -Fresh and Local: Kentucky-grown veggies, fruits and botanicals make up 50% of the formula
  • -No grains, tapioca, gluten, potato or plant protein concentrates
Pit Bull

Brisket the Pittie in her fancy scarf after her ACANA breakfast!

One of the best results we found with this natural dog food is Brisket’s increased energy and happiness levels. She is going for an additional walk a day, is significantly more playful and is willing to spend time learning new commands more often now. Brisket is now more than willing to focus (OMG! Less ADD!) on the bunnies, squirrels and other small wildlife that fill the yard; she’s got more pep in her step on her walks (and they’re two blocks longer); and finally, Brisket lets me dress her up now, haha! (See picture)

If you’re looking to switch your Fido or Fluffy to a new food, I highly suggest you look into ACANA and what the specific protein-enriched, grain-free formulas can do for your pooch. Working with pet nutritionists, K9Cuisine even developed a simple online dog food rating tool that allows fans/customers to see how a particular dog food rates based on their formula. That tool is here: Though this tool is not all-encompassing (as there are many more factors to consider when choosing a food for your pet), it does serve as an easy-to-use tool that allows you to identify the overall nutritional value of the food and/or if you need to research the food even further. Trust me; you want to try this out. It’s not only an inventive idea, but a very helpful/useful tool in deciding what to feed your dog.

The other thing I’d laud about this brand, besides proven healthy and affordable food options and the food-finder tool, is their effort in the non-profit animalNebraska Humane Society welfare community; they’re quite active in helping shelters, homeless animals and rescue pets across the country. For example, this summer, K9Cuisine is donating over 1,700 pounds of pet food to the Nebraska Humane Society’s Pet Food Pantry, a free community resource designed to help pet owners that have fallen on hard times by ensuring the pets have what they need. I’m sure as pet parents you’ve noticed these types of new-fangled animal angels around your town – Cleveland has a handful of smaller pet food pantries at this time that I donate to. A great choice for a corporate donation in my eyes, The Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) has another program called Project Pet Safe worth applauding; it helps to keep pets in foster homes while families may be in transition due to domestic violence. Another winner is the non-profit’s AniMeals program, which delivers pet food to the elderly and disabled who are homebound or are otherwise unable to leave their homes.

fast-free-shipping-bannerFounded in 2007, was one of the first online pet retailers that specialized in providing only healthy food options for both dogs and cats. Since then, they’ve shipped tens of thousands of orders and have become a leader in online pet food delivery. And since then, K9Cuisine has built an extremely well-known reputation for unbeatable customer service as its associates pride themselves in treating all customers like family.

Brisket is one happy camper and now looks forward to meal times with gusto 🙂 Thank you K9Cuisine!

*All opinions herein are of the Administrator, JL Smith. doesn’t publish dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. This post was written in conjunction with K9Cuisine, and the Administrator received product compensation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

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